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In the late 1990's,  the Business and Education Partnership of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce started work on an idea…..a website that students/parents and educators could access to connect them with businesses. 

In late 2003 Opportunity Connection came to fruition, a large centralized database (website) of Bay Area employers offering opportunities and resources FREE to students and educators.

The site held a wealth of resources and included over 150 opportunities for students ranging from job shadowing, tutoring, internships, site visits, mock interviews, mentors, volunteer opportunities and more. The site helped prepare students for the expectation of the work world.

In 2010 the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class adopted updating this website as their project.  Opportunity Connection website has been given an up to date look that is geared toward our students. The navigation system is easy to use and the website contains information and resources that are available to businesses, students, teachers, parents, and others in the community.