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Interview Questions

An interview is the time for you to shine the spotlight is on you!  Like a star, you need to prepare so that you are able to show your stuff and give it your best.  Be sure to research the company before you walk through the door find out as much as you can about them and about the job.  Analyze yourself your goals, your skills, your past experiences, your strengths and weaknesses. 

Practice answering typical interview questions get an understanding of what you want to share with the interviewer to convince them you are the best candidate.

Lastly, interviewers don’t just listen to what you say but also how you say it be aware of your body language and your tone of voice.  Be positive, be confident shine!



 Interview Questions

Questions to Ask an Interviewer


Sample Interview Questions

Tell me a little about yourself.

How would others describe you?

What personal factors do you consider most important when evaluating yourself?

What are your hobbies and interests?

How do you handle rejection or criticism?

What motivates you to put forth your greatest effort?

How do you interact with people?

Have you had the opportunity to work as part of a team? If so, describe the setting.

How would you resolve conflict in a group situation?

How do you organize your time?

Do you prefer theoretical or practical problems? Please explain.

Who or what has had the greatest influence on your life?

What are your future educational plans?

How did you decide on a major?

What was your most significant achievement in college?

Why do you want to work as a/an___________________________?

How did you find out about this position?

Why would you like to work for this company?

What do you know about our organization/company?

How has your education prepared you for this job?

What skills and qualifications do you have that stand out from others with a similar education?

What prior work experiences have you had?

What was your most significant job accomplishment?

What do you see as your greatest challenge when starting a new job?

In your work experience, what did you enjoy doing most/doing least?

What are your future plans?  Where do you see yourself in five/ten years?

Are you willing to travel, and if so, how much?

Is there anything important that you haven’t had the chance to share?

What would your last employer say about you?

What happens if you accept a position with our company and then you are offered a job by another company?

How would you describe an ideal day at work?

Where else are you interviewing?

Is there anything important that you haven’t had the chance to share?

Do you have any questions?   

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Sample Questions to Ask an Interviewer

An interview is not a “one-way street” you get to ask questions, too.  In fact, it may be your best chance to find out if the job meets your criteria and is a “good fit” for you. 

The interviewer will be positively impressed that you are interested enough in the company/job to prepare well thought-out questions.  Plan to ask at least three or four questions.  This can really set you apart from the competition. 

Is there a written job description for this position available?

       (Ask only if you have not already obtained one.)

With whom would I be most closely working and what are their responsibilities?

Are employees given an opportunity for continuing education or job training?

What are your expectations of the person who will fill this job?

What specific job duties and responsibilities are the most important to getting the job done as part of the team?

Is the position sharply defined, or can it be expanded and changed?

What is the normal path and time frame for advancement within the company?

What are the future goals of the company/where do you see the company in the next five/ten years?

Are there subsidiary companies/joint ventures?

Is there a chance I will be asked to relocate or travel?

What are the major areas of accountability for this position?

What could I expect to face in the first month, three months, six months on the job?

How much authority and responsibility would I have?

How would most employees describe this company/organization?

If I do an outstanding job, might I expect to be promoted or compensated?

How soon will my performance be evaluated so I know in what areas I need to make improvements?

When will you be making a decision and what is the process?

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