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Resumé Checklist



• Your name, full address, telephone number(s), email address.


• Use simply the job title or one or two sentences indicating the type of position for which you are applying.

• This should be the objective of the Resumé, not your long-term objectives, goals, plans.

• Objectives should not be self-serving (e.g. “…to gain valuable work experience..”)



Resume Checklist

Helpful Hints

Sample Resumés


• Enter your college experience(s), starting with most recent.

• For each entry, list the following: institution name (include city & state where school is located), dates of attendance, field of study, graduation date or expected graduation date.

• Include any honors/awards received while at each institution (e.g. “Dean’s List – Fall 2006”, “Phi Theta Kappa”, “Michigan Merit Scholarship”)

• Include any related coursework completed (e.g. “Accounting I, II”, if you’re applying for a bookkeeping position)


• Anything included in this category needs to highlight your ability to do the specific job you’re pursuing – this is your “advertisement” for yourself as a qualified candidate.

• Job related skills (e.g. customer service, multi-line phones, filing, etc.)

• Computer skills (hardware/software programs, operating systems, etc.)

• Specialized skills (e.g. bilingual skills, CPR/first aid, etc.)

• Self-management skills (e.g. “dependable”, “flexible – able to work nights/weekends”)


• Enter your work experience starting with your most recently held job.

• For each entry, list the following: job title, dates of employment and company name including city and state where company is located. (Name, address, phone number of supervisor is NOT necessary.)

• When describing each experience, include 4 or 5 main responsibilities or duties of the position; it is not necessary to go into a lengthy description of any job NOT related or similar to the job you are pursuing. Employers are MOST interested in reading about your jobs that are similar to the one they’re hoping to fill.


• Optional section – only for those who have served in the military.

• List dates of service, branch of service, perhaps main locations where you were stationed.

• Mention any experiences in the military related to the job you’re seeking (e.g. “Served as MP” if you’re seeking a security position). Do NOT list all your weapons certifications or specialized military training if applying for a job outside a security/police position.


• Optional section – only relevant information should be listed (e.g. professional or club memberships, relevant volunteer experience, awards earned etc.)

• Use caution – other information (personal interests, church/political affiliations, etc.) could possibly open you up to discrimination.

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Helpful Hints

• Use spell check AND have several people proofread your Resumé. Spelling errors are not acceptable on a Resumé.

• Prioritize the sections on your Resumé, putting the sections that you feel would be most important for an employer to know about you at the beginning of your Resumé. This is especially important if your Resumé goes to a second page.

• Do not discount any work experience. Every job helps you develop job related skills – even babysitting, fast food positions, and volunteer work.

The enitre Resumé should support the objective and show you as a person who is capable of doing the work. This is your ad for yourself; advertise yourself by what you know and what skills and experience you have that prepared you for the job.

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Entry-Level Sales


Entry-Level IT




Marketing Communications


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