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If you’re from a third-world or developing country, you’ve probably considered working overseas to increase your income. The U.S. may be your first country of choice, but surely, you’ve heard many of your fellow countrymen talking about Australia, too. In fact, many people from Southeast Asia, the UK, and South Africa have considered moving to Australia for various amazing reasons.

Indeed, the country has loads more to offer other than its breathtaking natural wonders, cute kangaroos, and adorable koalas. For one, Australia has a thriving economy, and it ranks among the top countries in the UN Human Development Index. Suffice to say, your career and welfare will be more secure there than in your home country.

Moreover, Australia has easy access to quality education, a high life expectancy among the population, and a high score on socio-economic progress. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) ranked Australia at the top in the Better Life Index 2017. This means that the country’s housing, income, jobs, community, education, health, civic engagement, work-life balance, life contentment, and safety are all abundant.

But what’s a more accurate picture of your future there? What if you can’t afford to study college? Worry not, because Australia won’t let you down. Here the top reasons people choose to work and live in Australia:

1. The economy is prosperous

Australia’s economy is steadily growing. As of 2019, it is the 13th largest economy in the world and ranked 10th in per capita income. It has a relatively low unemployment rate, only 5%, and the minimum wage for casual workers is higher than in most countries.

The demand for labour is steady as well, especially for skilled workers. As such, a visa is easy to obtain. The government issues temporary or permanent visas to workers based on their skill set and qualifications, or employers may sponsor it. The waiting time for approval is only 18 months, which is significantly shorter compared to other countries.

2. There is a SkillSelect program

To aid jobseekers with specialised skills, the Australian government started the SkillSelect program in 2013, or more formally known as the General Skilled Migration program. There are five different visa subclasses under this program, and the one you can qualify for depends on the points you’ll have. Just register for the program and your details will be recorded to their database. It will then be accessed by employers, and the local and national government so that they’d see what job vacancies you can fill under the sponsored visa category. If you qualify, you’ll receive a notice asking you to apply for a skilled visa.

3. You can have a high-paying job even without a college degree

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Some third-world countries barely offer quality education, yet have insanely high standards for administrative jobs. But in Australia, a blue-collar job can earn you twice as much as an office staff in your home country.

There are about a dozen jobs in Australia that don’t require a College diploma. Your options include the following:

  • Mechanic – $69,000/year. An automotive trade certification course will improve your skills and make you meet Australian standards.
  • Fitness Manager – $86,372/year. If you don’t have a degree in physical education or health management, a certification related to a specific health or fitness field will do.
  • Sales Manager – $88,828/year. A natural talent for attracting customers will help you rise to the top in sales, whether you have an educational background in it or not.
  • Maintenance Manager – $88,911/year. If you’re experienced in building or facility upkeep, your career ladder will be higher and sturdier in Australia.
  • Real Estate Agent – $97,882/year. If your charm persuades people to invest in properties, you can be an asset in Australia’s real estate companies.
  • Construction Manager – $155,563/year. Although a degree in Civil Engineering or Building Science will put you in advantage, a certification and diploma in building and construction, coupled with experience, can also take you to the top.

 4. There are free and subsidised healthcare from top hospitals

The Medicare system in Australia is highly efficient and reliable. It gives you access to a wide range of healthcare services, free medical care in public hospitals, and affordable prescription drugs. Eligible Australian residents can get these services when they enrol in Medicare:

  • Subsidised or free treatment by specialists, optometrists, dentists, and other medical practitioners
  • Free confinement in public hospitals
  • 75% discount for procedures and services if you’re a private patient in a private or public hospital

5. There is free and subsidised education

If you plan to permanently stay in Australia and start a family there, you can definitely send your kids to school without hassle. The educational system provides free or subsidised education for primary, secondary, and tertiary students, so the costs won’t be a heavy burden. The Australian public education system is also reputable, as it values holistic development in addition to academic skills.

Other reasons people are loving Australia are its climate, food, coffee culture, and safe communities. So if you’re still having second thoughts about this country, consider this your sign to choose it now.

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