Tips for Choosing the Right School for Your Children

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The availability of vaccines for children eased concerns of parents when they start attending in-person classes even though the pandemic is not yet over. And with the start of classes around two months away, they are likely looking for a good high school where their adolescent children can study.

Since the school plays a role in the future of their children, the parents should choose the school carefully. Here are the things parents should take into account when they are looking for a good school for their children.

Educational Philosophy

One thing that parents can look into is the educational philosophy of the school. The educational philosophy of the school shows its beliefs and thoughts about education. It shows the core beliefs in the school and guides them in the teaching and learning process.

Public schools focus on performance and their teaching style is designed to help students pass tests. On the other hand, private independent schools focus on developing the creativity of the students and help them learn more holistically.

Parents should see if the philosophies of the schools are ideal for the needs of their children. They may also consider the way their children learn and the skills they want them to develop while they are studying.

Academic Program

Aside from the educational philosophy, parents can also look into the academic program of the school. They should remember that their children will spend the next four years studying in this school. So, they should make sure the academic programs are suitable for the needs of their children. The programs should also help them reach their goal of getting into a good college after graduation.

They can look into the required course for graduation and the electives available for the students. Some schools also offer classes that no other school offers. The parents can also ask if the school offers advanced classes or AP classes for its students.

Health and Security

The availability of vaccines for children at least 12 years old has eased the anxious feelings of many parents. But the emergence of new variants has also raised some concerns about the safety and health of their children while in school. The parents can ask about the health protocols the school is implementing to protect the children. These protocols can include physical distancing, mask-wearing, and temperature checks.

Parents can also check if the school can keep the air inside the campus clean using equipment similar to their home air-purification systems. Aside from removing odors, the system can also eliminate allergens that can affect students who have allergies.

Class Sizes

The average class size and student-to-teacher ratio are two other things that parents can consider when they are looking for a school for their children. They should look for a low number since it means the teacher can easily guide the students during the learning process. A lower number also helps the teacher manage the class, which is beneficial to both teacher and the students.

Online learning

Smaller class size also increases the chances of the students contributing to discussions. It also enhances the sense of community within the class. The teachers can also provide personalized attention to the students. All of these things are beneficial to the overall academic experience of the students.

College Support

Many students plan to go to college after they graduate. Due to this, parents should also look into the type of support the school provides as the students make plans for college. They can check the percentage of seniors who went to top colleges after graduation. The parents can also ask if colleges and universities accept the graduates of the high school.

Additionally, the parents can check if the school offers after-class programs for students who are aiming to enter the top colleges in the country. These questions are essential since the parents should not focus too much on the high school education of their children. They should also consider what will happen to them after they graduate from high school.

Extracurricular Activities

Education is not limited to the four corners of the classroom. So, parents can ask about the extracurricular activities the school offers. They can ask about the communities, clubs, and sports teams of the school. This is also important since a lot of colleges consider the extracurricular activities of the students when they evaluate them. These activities not only contribute to the holistic development of the students, but they also increase their chances of entering their favored colleges and universities.

Choosing the best school for the children has become important to ensure the children have a great future once they graduate.

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