Parenthood: Preparing Your Children for the Future

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It seems that it was just yesterday that you carried her in your arms. Now, she is off to grammar school. Before you know it, she will be going to college. Time flies so fast!

You might think that it is too early to start shopping for possible college courses. But this activity will help you bond with your daughter. It will also allow you to guide her in her decision without stamping on her freedom. Allowing her to choose her own major will prevent resentment. Although a part of you is afraid that she might make a mistake, this activity will limit such a thing from happening.

Let us go through a few subjects that she might find interesting. Finding more about the said course will help you prepare your daughter for the future. It will also give her ample time to think about her decision. Thus, you can be there when she reconsiders her career path.


They say that money makes the world go round. Whether you believe in this or not, having a good grasp of money matters can be beneficial. If your daughter has a strong entrepreneurial streak, you might want to encourage her to take up a business major.

Some kids might be hesitant to take up this course because of the sheer number of math subjects. But it is a skill that your daughter can learn. As long as they have a good grasp of simple arithmetic, algebra, and problem-solving, they can survive any business major.

A business degree can open numerous opportunities for your daughter. She can open up a sustainability consultancy firm. Considering the current trend, she can help entrepreneurs reinvent themselves and their businesses to make them more environmentally friendly. Her advice will not only lessen a company’s carbon footprint. But it will also help them attract more consumers from the younger generation.

She can also join an existing brokerage firm. Her background in finance and accounting will make her the best person to dispense advice to people who are thinking of investing in the stock market. She can compute liquidity and profitability ratios that can determine how stable a particular corporation is.

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With the current health crisis, we have come to appreciate the importance of our healthcare workers. If you witnessed your daughter play with her toy stethoscope, it might be an excellent time to encourage her to take up a medical degree. One day, the whole country will praise her dedication to her call to save lives.

One prestigious school released a list of subjects that are a good groundwork for those who want to take up a career in medicine. The tally is a collection of varied coursework. But your daughter can take up several of them if she studies nursing.

Pursuing a major in nursing can be a great help to your daughter because it provides hands-on learning opportunities. It will also expose her to the background of numerous common diseases. Lastly, it will give her a chance to meet patients. Thus, she builds up excellent bedside manners.

She can also take up a major in pharmacy. Taking up this course will help her when she finally studies parasitology, pharmacology, and pathology. Or she can take up biology. Many aspiring doctors say that those who took up this major have an edge during the entrance exam.

No matter what pre-med course she takes, it will help her build a strong foundation in med school. She can also use it to determine what specialty she will take in the future.


If your daughter loves the arts, encourage her to pursue her passion. It can become a profitable endeavor, especially if she is passionate enough. She might even lead a cultural revolution. Many art degree holders transformed society with their works.

One of the most famous personalities in the art world is Sir Simon Schama. His work crisscrosses arts and history. It introduces us to the different artists without wearing us out with hifalutin ideas. On the contrary, it lulls us to study more about the topic on hand.

Another famous face in the world of arts is the Duchess of Cambridge herself. She studied the history of art at the University of St Andrews. Her educational background makes her the perfect patron for the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal Photographic Society.

Many parents are hesitant to allow their children to follow their dreams because they find it too ambitious. They are afraid that such lofty ambitions might not bring food to the table. But they discount the possibility that their kids might excel in such a field. Thus, they can rake in more than enough money to take care of their needs.

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