If Your Kid’s Busy On The Internet All Day, It’s Time For New Hobbies To Step In

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Now, we understand that parents have it hard enough with juggling a career, managing remote work projects, running errands around the house, and still finding enough time to give back to the mind and relax before starting all over again. But suppose the only thing that’s keeping your kids preoccupied while going through your laundry list of responsibilities is spending more time on their phones and surfing the web. In that case, we strongly recommend introducing a bit of change.

You see, even if watching funny cartoons and laughing at cute videos aren’t doing your kids any harm, it’s not a productive use of the recess and in-between breaks they get from after-class hours. So, instead of just letting them be and giving them freedom over the TV remote to wander over yonder Netflix’s top recommended shows, we suggest filling in those gaps with hobbies instead. Here are some parenting tips:

Hobbies Are Active Ways Of Learning More

Hobbies come in many shapes and forms, and depending on your child’s interests, they can find all sorts of fun, extracurricular activities engaging if you show them the way and help build the foundation for further curiosity. And besides the benefit of soothing the mind and combatting stress, hobbies play an essential role in your kid’s personal development to becoming an adult, namely (1) the first steps to self-discovery and (2) sowing the seeds of self-confidence.

  • Encourages Self-Discovery And Identity: During their early stages of life, they hardly know anything about the world apart from the stuff they see around the house and the things they’re generally exposed to daily. And the best use of their cheerful attitude is showing them different hobbies with which they can associate their character. Soon enough, you’ll find some hidden talents just waiting for their chance to shine.
  • Builds Self-Confidence And Discipline: In addition to self-discovery, learning new hobbies at a young age also provides the benefit of building self-confidence and discipline. Children respond the best when they’re putting their hands to work and utilizing their creativity, and all that fun they’re having trying new stuff and learning will soon transform into discipline. Furthermore, nothing builds self-esteem better than seeing your hard work and effort turn into an actual accomplishment.

Explore Fun, Practical Skills

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Of course, while you can explore every single hobby available under the sun, we think it’s far better to introduce more fun, practical skills to your kid, which will help them later on in school, career, and life in general. And while there’s nothing wrong with encouraging your kid’s quirky, offbeat talent, you shouldn’t overlook the chances to try hobbies with more utility like (1) gardening, (2) baking, (3) music, and (4) arts, to name a few.

#1 Starting A Small Backyard Garden

The world could use more people with green thumbs, and if you were already planning to introduce new garden trends in the backyard, we think it’s the perfect opportunity to have your child help with the project. Now, we don’t expect kids to do any heavy-lifting or come up with home-defining layouts, but just having them around to water the plants and maybe even preparing the pot by themselves will go a long way.

#2 Baking Cookies For The Weekend

Although you could say the same for cooking, we firmly believe that baking, specifically cookies, has a better appeal toward children because they often associate it with pastries, sweets, and desserts. So, instead of playing yourself off as the antagonist telling them to wait in the living room, we suggest having them put on the chef’s hat and do some of the easy tasks like cleanup or kneading small amounts of cookie dough.

#3 Trying Out Different Instruments

If you’re more musically inclined and can’t stand any of the two previous suggestions, then it might be time your kid learns the family pastime of rocking out to jams and making music themselves. You can start by letting them try different instruments, and even if it falls short of expectations, surrounding yourself with music might ignite the urge to boogie, and you’ll be heading out to dance studios very soon.

#4 A Bit Of Arts And Crafts

Last but not least, if you think your kid has a hint of talent for the arts, then exploring some fun art and crafts projects is yet another excellent hobby to try. From your classic watercolor paintings to discovering an unrequited love for pottery making, there are different mediums and expressions any kid can find. Plus, you’ll find no end to extra masterpieces to hang by the kitchen wall.

Help Your Child Embrace Their Innate Creativity

Look, we know it sounds tough to become a hobby guide for your kid, but you should assume the role of helping your child embrace their innate creativity. Far too many young talents go unnoticed, and you wouldn’t want your child to lose a passion they didn’t know they had in the first place!

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