Should You Move Out of State for College?

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Your college will have a lot of influence on your future. Every year, thousands of young people from across the country compete to gain a spot in their dream school. Getting into a prestigious college guarantees that you will get a quality education. However, more than who your teachers will become, where you go for college can open opportunities that will prop you up for success later on. Your college and the connections you make in school may land you a high-paying job in your field or become a business partner.

But there are many more factors that students consider when choosing a college. First, they have to see if their preferred major is offered by the academic institution and if they have extra-curricular activities that they want to join that are not available in some places. Many also have to think about the cost of getting into college and whether they will be eligible for scholarships.

One of the most important considerations that students must make is the location of the school. For many students, where their dream school is located may be outside of their home state. That means that not only do they have to move out of their parents’ house, but they also have to travel across the country. They would have to give up the comforts of being near or at home, and they may have to spend more money to live independently in another state.

However, there are many benefits to moving away from college.

More Options for Schooling

No doubt, there are schools in every state that offer quality education, but there are more options if you decide to move away. Instead of being limited to a select set of programs, you can enroll in the field that interests you the most.

There are also more options for those who may not be sure that they are getting into their dream school. For example, the acceptance rate for Washington State University in 2019 was 79.64 percent. This is higher than 4.5 percent at Harvard University and 6.99 percent at Princeton University.

There are more choices if you decide to go beyond your state’s borders.

Gain Better Control of Your Life

If you move out, your parents will not be around to clean after you or help you. They will be far away, which means that you will be alone to solve all the crises you may encounter in the next four years. However, being away from home also means that you will gain more control over your life. You would not have to worry about curfew or ask permission if you want to invite your friends into your apartment. You get to decide for yourself and grow up to become a real adult.

The greatest advantage of moving out for college is independence. While college is a time for studying, you also will have experiences that will teach you maturity and responsibility. Nothing inhibits you from going out every night, no one to watch over you to ensure that you are getting your schoolwork done. You have to make your own rules and schedules so that, while you have fun, you are still studying for your tests and writing all your essays for class.

The adversities you will encounter will also build resiliency in you. While you can always confide in your parents, most of the time, you will have to find solutions for your problem on your own. If you are having trouble with your roommate, for example, you have to figure out how to make the situation better or look for another room to sleep in. If your budget for the month is running out, you have to learn how to control your spending and reduce unnecessary expenses.

All these traits you will carry with you as you develop into a fully-grown adult.

Get to Know a New Place, New Faces, New Cultures

Leaving home is an opportunity to get to know another part of the world on a deeper level. Whether you are moving to a neighboring state or across the country, every place has its own history, practices, culture, and tradition. It is also an opportunity to widen your circle and interact with people from various backgrounds. You will gain a new perspective of people and places, making you a more intelligent and better person than you used to be.

While the be nefits are clear, moving out of state is not the best option for everyone. Some may thrive by being closer to home. However, for others, the difficulties of being away from home will be worth it.

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