Practical De-stressing Activities for the Weekend


Working for the whole week can be tough both on your physical and mental health. It is important for you to take a long break every once in a while because sometimes weekends are not enough. But if you do not have much choice, you can mix things up. You can use your time to attend counseling workshops if you feel that you need to open up and talk to someone about things. You can also plan to have a couple of days when you can just unplug and do stuff that will help you feel more laid-back or relaxed.

Whether it comes from work, school, or anywhere else, you do not want stress or anxiety to take over your life. It is all too easy to go into a downward spiral when you have an episode of a breakdown or a panic attack, but you can pick yourself up and continue on with things. To help you combat these, here are some de-stressing activities you can do in your free time. These should not cost you anything, so you can start doing these as soon as you can:

Walk in the Park

The trusty old walk in the park is a reliable way for you to relieve stress. If your daily life consists of clocking in and out of work, it will later feel very tedious and boring. This can be a cause of concern if it affects how you do your job or interact with people at the office. For you to avoid that, you need to mix things up. A trip to the park provides that nice change of pace. This allows you to see different environments and people, which should reduce the amount of disdain that you have in your heart.


Window Shopping

For some, shopping is the ultimate therapy. Buying the stuff you like gives you that satisfaction that no other activity can. But the truth is that not everyone has the financial freedom to do that often. The great thing about window shopping is that it will cost you nothing, and you still get to see or even touch the items that you like. Even if you have the money, it also helps you to make the right buying decision. It can help steer you away from unnecessary purchases by giving you the extra time to think and analyze things through. Your wallet will thank you for that later.


There are days when you are just overwhelmed with information and tasks that they seem insurmountable. These make you just want to have time all to yourself. You can do just that with meditation. This is an activity that lets you enjoy the simple bliss of sitting in a room by yourself and emptying your mind off things. The great thing about this is that you do not need much to get started. You only need to find a place where you feel comfortable, and you can start meditating right away.

Stress is proven to give people some health concerns. If you want to avoid this, you’d better consider incorporating these activities into your schedule. Health is wealth, so do not waste your work efforts if they make you unwell. Start de-stressing so that you can live longer and have a clearer mind.

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