Slow Learner? Boost Your Ability to Learn New Skills


Do you feel dormant, inactive, or too dumb to grasp a simple concept? That could be a problem, especially in today’s ever-changing world. Apparently, understanding that you need to grow actively is in itself a skill. So you are not that bad. This post will help you understand the principle of learning and the different ways to boost your ability to learn new skills.

Break it into Sub-Skills

Most people give up on their skill training once things get complex. The good thing is that every skill has sub-skills. Therefore, break down a skill and focus on the important parts. It is also effective to work on sub-skills at a time not to overwhelm the learning experience. One effective method of breaking down a skill is through the use of a skill tree. You can also have a mind map that includes the sub-skills and start with the most fundamental one.

Act When Action is Needed

The key to opening up your mind to a new skill is to practice it. You can read about ways to improve your learning skills, but you can improve it if you apply it. Therefore, you can establish an ongoing skill learning project to improve your skill. If the skill you are chasing is complex, you will need inspiration. In that case, consider implementing a 100-hour challenge. This means improving your skill with 100 hours of practice.


Start the Search

What makes you’re a better person? Do you learn better with a visual or audio aid? Do you need an instructor to guide you through? It would help if you started searching for what makes you better. You can spend hours on end listening to Brent Mason plucking his strings, but that will not make you a better guitarist. Instead, you will need to see and choose a guitar teacher and attend guitar classes to become a better player. Assess your abilities then search for the best teacher, mentor, or guide who can help you discover your new skills.

Change Your Environment

Human abilities are flexible and can stretch as far as the environment allows. As a result, your environment should foster growth. Consider removing any distractions. As much as the covid-19 restrictions have limited movements and denied you a trip to the studio, you can still find a room in your house and create a home studio.

Accept Challenges

Challenges are a great opportunity to learn, and they should be treated as such. Most people will tend to shy away from learning opportunities for fear of embarrassment. However, challenges should help you improve your skills faster. When the task becomes too easy, it means you have outgrown it and need to take a step forward.

In a nutshell, boosting your learning ability requires discipline and dedication. The above-mentioned tricks will only expose your brain to new skills. However, grasping those skills calls for practice. Similarly, there is no one perfect way to learn a skill as people have different learning abilities. Hence, experiment in a variety of ways and pick one that works for you.

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