Summer School Ideas You Can Try During the Pandemic

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Schools have been forced to shut down in the wake of the pandemic. Millions are still battling the virus in different countries around the world. According to the UNESCO figures, almost one billion students are forced not to go onsite to school because of the pandemic. In the United States of America, the number of schools shut down has never been experienced ever before. While some states have pushed for some schools to remain partially open, there is a higher risk of contracting the virus because of the lack of discipline to do social distancing.

Most universities have opted to go digital and hold classes virtually. While most hold the opinion that online classes are better or just about the same as going in person, there is still some doubt about the system. Around 15% of students believe that the classroom experience is different from online classes. Still, the universities never stopped. They continued to operate as if the world will continue to spin on even with the pandemic.

There is no hiding that many of the face-to-face activities will be hampered for the time being. Classes will feel different when done through the online video call. It’s simply different when instructions are done through a small screen. However, like in the universities, we must not allow ourselves to be stopped by the pandemic. We should always keep the mentality that we intend to study and expand our skillset as if the world intends to keep on spinning.

What are some of the most interactive and interesting summer school ideas we can hit online even if there’s a pandemic?

Performance Arts

Performance art classes will provide all the rage for students of all ages. While having in-person classes is still different, instructions through online methods will still be effective. Dance schools of different genres, kinds, and methods of dancing will be the best ways to invest your money into developing dancing skills. You can dive into ballet, hip hop, or ballroom. If you have agoraphobia, or any fear involving performing in front of an audience, now would be the best time to take up acting. Although it sounds surprising, acting can be really taught online. All you need is a mirror to review your expressions. Many online actors turned teachers are willing to take students due to the lack of open theaters in a time of lockdowns.

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Screenwriting and Filmmaking

If you want to make your own mini-movie, screenwriting and filmmaking may be the best online skills class you can take. Everybody who aspires and has the ambition to become the next Nolan or Scorsese has taken up do-it-yourself classes at least once. There are many instructional videos you can check out on YouTube, SkillShare, and Masterclass to educate you on how to write and film your own movie. It will be a project that you can entirely control in the comfort of your own home. Anybody can make a movie.


Taking up online music classes to play your dream instrument is never too late for anyone. Now that you have time in the world, whether because you are working from home or just finishing your homework early, you can take up music classes during your spare time. Musical instrument learning is very underrated. Aside from being an elegant skill to learn, playing a musical instrument also helps the brain perform at a higher level. Depending on the difficulty of the instrument, it can signal certain parts of the brain to form connections and ultimately make you smarter.


Programming is definitely a class you can take up virtually. Programming skills are very much sought after in the digital age. Besides the various paths your career can take with your simple programming skills, it is a viable option for those interested in a programming language career.

Survival Skills

Teaching yourself various survival skills through online classes may be an underrated skillset people always devalue. Now that we live in a very precarious age of disaster and conflict having knowledge that is handy and practical in times of chaos can be extremely useful. Besides that, you will also learn what signs to look for when your life or family’s life is in danger.

There are plenty of skills you can still learn even when you are remote from the class itself. People underrate the seriousness and practicality of online skill classes, but currently, we have no choice. You can still learn and enrich yourself even when learning through online means.

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